NoBox by Barebones Portable Fire Pit with Carry Bag

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A portable camp stove whenever and wherever you need it. Sturdier than a backpacking stove, but still light enough to easily transport with you car camping, rafting, or to the park for an afternoon activity with family.

Unlike many camp stoves, our Portable Fire Pit was designed to withstand the weight of heavy-duty cookware like cast iron skillets and dutch ovens.

This camp stove utilizes wood, coal, or pellets so you can leave the extra fuel canisters at home.

Build a fire directly on the ground or use the bottom plate to hold the flame.

Made of durable, heat-tolerant stainless steel that will keep for years of use and age beautifully.

Assembles in less than a minute and packs flat for storage. Included heavy-duty poly/nylon bag keeps everything organized in one place with extra space to store a fire starting kit or tinder.


  • Simple assembly
  • Packs flat
  • Low profile
  • Burn wood, coal, or pellets
  • Sturdy tripod design
  • Built to withstand heavy cookware like cast iron
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Durable storage bag included

Items Included:
1 portable fire pit
1 carrying bag

Portable fire pit - galvanized coated stainless steel
Bag - polyester & nylon blend

28 cm x 23 cm x 20 cm
2.5 kg

Do not cook directly on the stove. Let the Portable Fire Pit cool completely after use. Wipe off any soot and let dry if wet. Place in bag and store in a cool, dry place.

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