Planet Finska Quoits in Original Hardwood

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Quoits by Planet Finska is a solid block and peg crafted from environmentally sustainable hardwood with a beautiful varnish finish.

The pole attaches to the base with a threaded end, and because of this unique, we guarantee that it will not wobble or tip during game play, nor will it loosen over time.

Each set is finished in a high gloss varnish to beautify and preserve the timber. The six wire-centred hand made chunky rope quoits have a nice weight and feel great to throw.

Powered by trees, timber colour may be lighter or darker than shown.

  • Item dead weight (kg): 2.48
  • Shipping weight (kg): 2.58
  • Designed in Australia, manufactured in China/India


Loved the world over, and particularly in Australia, quoits is believed to have origins with the ancient Greeks. As a game of great skill, quoits involves setting the block and peg back 2.7 metres and outscoring your opponents by tossing the six quoit rings and landing them over the peg.

Quoits can be played by two or more players. Quoit tournaments are played with each player having a minimum of six throws on their first turn and scoring one point for each successful throw.

Thereafter and on each subsequent turn, players throw just one quoit but earn the right to toss another quoit on that turn if their previous throw was successful.

The winner is the first player to achieve the agreed target score.


Planet Finska are Australia’s leading designer and merchant of properly crafted traditional games. Their games are real, not virtual and catalysts for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories. The perfect outdoor game's for everyone! 

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