A Big Welcome to The Conron Store

Welcome to The Conron Store. 

What started out as a fun and exciting possibility has come to life, and we can share with you some of the beautiful things we have been curating. 

What is it all about? The silver lining of Covid was having time to enjoy the quiet moments, lots of time outside, the much cherished time of spending time together with our family and friends. For us, it was an opportunity to slow down, enjoy time cooking pizza from scratch, a beverage around the fire while the kids toasted marshmallows and generally notice the simple things like the changing of seasons and to stop and look at the sky. 

Not that anyone who lives in rural Australia needs convincing how special it is, we came to appreciate all over again. That was part of the catalyst that had us thinking about all the great times that happen outside, no matter how fast paced or chilled, and the clever and iconic brands that have help deliver on these awesome moments. 

We have bought together the brands and products that make getting outside so satisfying. Quality, smart, practical, functional and stylish brands and goodies that reflect what we love. We love working with small businesses that have struck a niche and offer quality, practical or fun things that have functionality and style. Alongside the small businesses are some of the most iconic rural and outdoor brands from across the globe. Yes, its certainly an eclectic mix, and we hope that you will jump on board for the adventure as the range grows. 

Retail therapy for every member of the family! Ever found a store that you walk into with your family and everyone disappears into their own exciting discovery of ‘Hey, look at this!’ Whether you are in our beautiful Grenfell store or indulging in the experience online, we hope you love what you find here. 

The Store has a few stages to be revealed as yet, including a more extensive online offering following the opening of our 2810 Store. Progress over perfection is a great concept, but challenging when you are someone who likes things to be perfect! 

Enjoy your adventure through our store, and we hope to look after you with some beautiful Christmas gifts, whether it’s for yourself or someone else!

x Thank you 

Rachel Conron 

Director - The Conron Group 

The conron store

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