How many towels does it take!

I didn’t appreciate this until I had kids. Just how many wet towels you have at the end of the day when you are unloading the boat.

I’m confident I have solved the problem. Or at least these guys at Dock and Bay have.

I’ve always been skeptical about the ‘quick-dry’ claims, but I can deny it no longer. These things are the bomb.

Dock and Bay are top quality, Australian made and owned (of course) and most importantly, they work.

Lots of cool, bright summer colours, unpacking one of these is guaranteed to get you in the mood to find your cossies and get keen for a summer of fun. 

These guys (literally…two blokes who had an idea) are passionate about #doingtheirbit and have pledged to use 100% recycled material. Impressive, practical and good looking. (The towels that is boys).

So many awesome designs, colours, patterns! We did get a bit excited with ordering so there is plenty to choose from online and instore. Fun in the sun to all!

x Rachel

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