Resolutions Intentions and 2023

A few years ago, I gave up on resolutions.

I am a pretty goal orientated girl and would always make a big deal planning meticulously what my resolutions would become the stroke of midnight each new year. 

Loose 5kgs, run 5kms, swim 2kms, save 20k, renovate this room and that. For me they were so rigid and by February the only resolution I had achieved was a massive sense of disappointment because I had none of the above. 

I always found NYE a lot of pressure, I had to have an amazing night planned, throw a killer party or save up for a great bottle of bubbles and look fabulous. The only thing bubbly was the wine, and my nights were generally a fizzer. 

One day I heard a talk about disappointment, and it rang true to me with all my expectations of my resolutions and bringing in the new year with a bang. If I lower my expectations, I lower my disappointment. 

So, I came up with a new way - My intentions. 

Intentions is a much kinder way for me to bring in my new year. 

Each year now I spend a small amount of time thinking about my intentions moving forward. I feel with the word "intention" I am not setting myself up for the February disappointment. 

It's what I intend to do, what intend to achieve. Once I bought this word into my realm my lofty aspirations of running marathons and the like became much smaller, kinder and considered. And as we all grow older each year it's what we need. 

The picture that is this blog is from a trip to Bali I did a few years back. I went on a retreat to kickstart being kinder to myself. Each morning I would watch the young lady bring out her offerings of flowers to her goddess statue. She would stand and pray and set her intentions for the day. I felt so calm watching her ritual each morning and decided then that I would adopt her intention setting not each day but, on that day, where I would put the most pressure on myself. 

As I write it is the final day of 2022. What a year we have had of disasters, floods, famines, war, and covid, which has reminded me just in the last week of how fragile my body can be and how I need to be kinder to myself. 

Each day of my iso I would drag myself out of bed and sit in the sun for 10 minutes and remember to be kinder and this last week of sickness has set my intentions for 2023. 

Tonight, I am being kind to myself, there will be no fabulous parties, it will be quiet and contemplative. I will take the time to be outside and look up at the incredible sky that we all share and gently welcome 2023 with my intentions. 

Be outdoors more

Plant more vegetables

Bring my body and mind back into the place it loves - its healthiest self. 

Stress Less - it will all work out if I put the work in

Be kinder to me.

Farewell 2022, what a ride.

Hello 2023 let's see what we can do. 

Cheers to the weekends my friends.

x Denise 

(Please feel free to comment below - I would love to know your intentions)

Outdoor living



Intention is to be my beautiful self ❣️Treasure everything & everyone 💖


Intention is to be my beautiful self ❣️Treasure everything & everyone 💖


Intention is to be my beautiful self ❣️Treasure everything & everyone 💖

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