Hi Beam Head Lamp

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Need a serious Head Lamp? This one from Hi Beam will have you sorted.

Extremely versatile USB-C rechargeable Head Lamp. Variable beam from wide angle to spotlight.

  • Amazingly-bright LEDs (1000lm)
  •  Incredibly well put together - feels solid
  •  Recharge with included USB-C - No more replacing batteries
  •  Long working time of up to 8 hours on power saving mode & 3 hours on full power
  •  4 modes plus Front and Rear lighting

 Hi Beam Torches are a ridiculously robust and heavy-duty torch that puts out an incredibly powerful beam of light - right up to the time to recharge. 


These are no just your standard torch. We’ve all owned a few of those flimsy lightweight plastic torches that chew through batteries and that put out a dim fading narrow beam of light. These guys saw a need for a high-quality torch that was powerful to the end of its charge, and at the same time, wanted to ensure they had a torch that was fully rechargeable via USB without removing batteries and having a separate charger that you would inevitably lose.

Innovation at its finest.

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