Lindner Echidna Ribbed Merino/ Hemp Loose Top Socks

Size: Small
Sale price$47.00


Our 'Echidna’ ribbed, loose top Merino + Hemp socks are comfortable on your feet, and kind to the environment.

While they do not score high on the durability scale, as we have removed all elastic and nylon from our 'Echidna' socks, and finished the socks with our statement blue silk toe seam, they can be composted when no longer repairable.

The timeless ribbed knit provides superior comfort and improved airflow, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Made from a blend of merino wool and hemp, these socks naturally wick away moisture from your skin, reducing the likelihood of smelly feet, and the need to wash the socks after every wear. 

Our 'Echidna’ socks should be paired with snug, well-fitted shoes, or they will wear out quite quickly. The absence of elastic and nylon also may cause the sock to become baggy on the foot, when worn as house or bed socks, or with loose fitting shoes.

Best worn as bed socks or with a well fitted shoe. 

Fibre Composition: Merino Wool: 96.5% Hemp: 3.5%

Colour: Smoke/light brown

S: Women's 5-8.5, Men's 4-6.5 | M: Women's 9-12, Men's 7-10.5 | L: Men's 11-14 


Did you know that 10th generation sock maker Andrew Lindner is continuing a family tradition almost 300 years in the making?

When you invest in Lindner Quality Socks, you’re assured of superior warmth, comfort and durability. Their local farmers in the southern tablelands of NSW around Crookwell are renowned for the quality of their merino wool, where most of the fibres are sourced from.

A small regional business, when you buy Lindner socks, you’re not only getting the best possible quality, you’re also supporting regional Australia, and local jobs, growers, and charities.

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