All day pizza cooking

Yep, done well, pizzas can be an all-day affair as we found out one lockdown Sunday shortly after we moved in to our new digs, which fortunately, were complete with brick pizza oven.

We quickly found out just how slow (and rewarding) the process of woodfired pizza at home is. Perfect for a lazy, sunny Sunday at home with nowhere to go and an opportunity to just slow down for a minute.

Started with a trip down the paddock to gather some wood, then the fire lighting whilst the pizza sauce went on the simmer.

‘This is such a good feed’ was the call on taste testing the sauce, followed by ‘should I have a beer?’

Fast forward a few hours later (obvs it takes a while to build the heat in the bricks) and the balls of dough or prospective pizza bases are ready to roll. Flour is everywhere, pizza sauce is diminishing by the teaspoon every time someone’s not looking.

The beverages are flowing and anticipation grows – do we want to volunteer for a slice of the first one? Safer to wait for a few down the line once the cook has his eye in?

The verdict – amazing! Not so visually impressive, but the taste was ‘superb’.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Conron Pizza, but in the meantime, if the woodfired pizza deal tickles your fancy, check out our Ooni’s. Cook your own woodfired pizza without the brick pizza oven.

x Rachel

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