It is birthday week!

This week is a huge week at The Conron Store. We have many reasons to celebrate, and we are keen to celebrate with you too! 

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be running three giveaways, so keep an eye out on our socials to enter, plus a chance to toast on a prosecco or two in The Store this week.

But first read on below to see what we are all excited about! x DM


"In our house, celebrations are a very important ritual, and this coming week is a pretty big one.

I’m turning 40! Granny (my mum) also celebrates her birthday just in time for Mother’s Day weekend.

 Rachel Conron

It was Joel who instituted the three day birthday celebration ritual. We have Birthday Eve, Birthday Day and Birthday Boxing Day. Its not a wildly elaborate stretch of gifts and cakes and glamour but three days of ‘Its my Birthday Eve so I don’t have to do the dishes’ type thing! And to be honest, I’m totally there for it. Its lovely to have a celebration mindset and if it means extending the kindness we show one another on our special day of the year, why not. The kids, Joel included, are totally onboard, and love the privilege of picking their favourite dinners three nights in a row! 

Personally, I’m a birthday celebrator for different reasons. Every year we celebrate a birthday is a blessing and a privilege denied to many. I also feel that life just gets better every year, and I appreciate the wisdom from lessons learnt. So while I might be in the minority actually celebrating turning 40, I’m going with it! 

Regardless of whether you are or aren’t celebrating birthdays or Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I hope that you find something amazing to celebrate anyway! 

Happy 40 week!


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