The Conron Store Grenfell NSW

We are open! 

The doors are open, the tunes are on and the laughs are flowing, especially on Fridays! 

After years of patience and persistence, we have been quietly enjoying the satisfaction and contentment that comes with achieving a major goal. 

The store is delivering that magical retail experience we always envisioned. Retail therapy in the bush. Something for everyone. And a collection of brands that align with our values and desire to support fabulous brands especially small business brands from around rural Australia. The line up of these regional brands is so impressive, and they are second to none in their offering. That’s what drives our direction in the eclectic buying journey, which is just quietly, a lot of fun!


 We have an amazing team behind the delivery of The Conron Store, and it has been so much fun to create something so magnificent together. The biggest thanks to all the tradesmen who delivered such an amazing build. Our store staff Denise, Sophie, Shirl and Lila who breathe as much passion and excitement into the space as we do. Our Stockcrete Operations Manager Hayden who carried the load whilst we were all running around doing other ‘stuff’.

And to my parents, Terry and Denise whose tireless efforts, especially Dad’s kikuyu marathon, have made huge contributions to the amazing place that is The Conron Store.

Joel, as always, has had a list of a million jobs and requests, and never settled for ‘good enough’ in delivering to his exceptional standards. Also, a huge thank you for his willingness to go along with this big idea 😊


I hope to see you in the Store soon, and I hope that we bring some excitement and joy in your shopping experience!


The conron store

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