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I attended @thehuddleorange and am overflowing with ideas and inspiration after whirlwind few days. Imagine a Taylor Swift concert, but for small businesses. That's what it was like! (My idea of the best day ever!).

Organised by @jumbledonline, and hosted by @edwina_b, I learned a lot from some incredible people.

I'm in awe of women in business, grateful to those who share their wisdom, in admiration of the ones who are honest about the highs and lows and proud to be in an industry alongside so much talent. Especially in country NSW.

Here are some pearls of wisdom I took away:

  • Be a human tripod when taking photos 
  • Get more photos of yourself
  • The algorithm is a two week train 
  • Yes, you need to be in your posts
  • Don't set and forget your website 
  • Function over fancy 
  • Progress over perfection 
  • Complaints are helpful 
  • Chip away just 1% every single day
  • One word: strategy
  • Bring your main character energy

These stunning photos are by @kirstcunninghamphoto.

Now it's time to action my long to-do list!


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