Dock and Bay Cabana Beach Towel

Color: Waikiki Coral
Sale price$44.95


These quick dry towels are the biggest game changer in your summer! Perfect for those who are swimming everyday, school or squad swimmers, and fabulous for summer holidays. 

Dock & Bay towels are packed full of features which are simply down to how they are made. They are quick-dry, super absorbent, smooth against the skin, sand-free (it brushes right off!), compact for travel and easy to care for.


  • Size Large: 160cm x 90cm
  • Quick dry - three times faster than a standard cotton towel
  • Won't collect damp smells
  • Compact & lightweight - easy to hang around the home
  • Super absorbent - the perfect travel towel
  • Sand won't stick at the beach
  • Elastic hook - to hang it out to dry
  • Handy pouch included
  • 100% recycled materials: made from 83% Polyester, 17% Polyamide


    Dock and Bay is one of the original brands that inspired The Conron Store. 

    Born from two blokes travelling the globe and looking for a towel to take up less bag space. Brilliant! Not only did they nail the light weight and quick dry demands, they have succeeded in creating a towel that feels fabulous and is made from 100% recycled materials!


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