Fifty Places to Practice Yoga Before You Die by Chris Santella

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The Author Of The Bestselling Fifty Places Series Returns With A Collection Of The Most Meditative And Relaxing Locales For Every Type Of Yoga Practice Fifty Places To Practice Yoga Before You Die Is The Seventeenth Entry In Chris Santella’s Bestselling Fifty Places Series.

The Book Shares Yogis’ Recommendations For The Best And Most Beautiful Places To Do Yoga As Well As Tips For How To Plan The Trip. It Covers A Variety Of Venues Around The World That Cater To Many Different Classes And Styles Of Yoga, Including Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Iyengar, Restorative, And Vinyasa.

The Following Breath-taking, Diverse Locales Are Explored Throughout:

Alaska, Haines – Alberta, Lake Louise – Antarctica, Antarctic Peninsula – Arizona, Sedona – Australia, Melbourne – Australia, Uluru – Austria, St. Anton – Bahamas, Nassau – Bhutan, Paro – Botswana, Welgevonden Game Reserve/tuli Reserve – British Columbia, Salt Spring Island – California, Joshua Tree – California, Los Angeles – California, Ojai – California, San Francisco – California, Watsonville – Cambodia, Siem Reap – Chile, Torres Del Paine – Colorado, Denver – Costa Rica, Nosara – Europe, Malta – Florida, Islamorada – Guatemala, Lake Atilan – Hawaii, Kapaau – Hawaii, Maui – India, Goa – India, Mysore (mysuru) – India, Pune – India, Rishikesh – Indonesia, Bali – Italy, Val De Chio – Massachusetts, Boston – Massachusetts, Stockbridge – Mexico, Tulum – Montana, Helena – Morocco, Taghazout – Myanmar, Bagan – Nepal, Pokhara – New Zealand, Glenorchy – Nicaragua, Popoyo – Norway, Valdres – Ontario, Palmer Rapids – Oregon, John Day River – Oregon, Oregon City – Peru, The Sacred Valley – Philippines, Siargao – Portugal, Olhão – Sri Lanka, Unawatuna – Thailand, Kho Phangan – United Kingdom, London.

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