Fire to Fork: Adventure Cooking Book by Harry Fisher

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200+ pages and over 60 recipes plus a ton of extra information and guides.

From beaches of the Kimberly's west coast, Harry Fisher has been cementing a reputation with a pair of tongs around the campfire. Combining his passion for the Aussie bush and great food, he is proving that camp cooking doesn't have to be dull cooking.

His meals are simple enough for any enthusiastic bush cook to prepare, but his focus on fewer, but high quality ingredients and techniques sets him apart in the camp cooking world.

Fire to Fork has amassed millions of views on YouTube and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram. Harry is becoming the most popular authority on bush cooking, not just in Australia but everywhere good food and campfires are combined.

Harry shares his knowledge on fire preparation, essential tools of the camp kitchen and tips on stocking the pantry. Expect everything from hearty camp oven meals to campfire-inspired cocktails to enjoy under the stars.

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