Gentleman's Hardware Insulated Cooler Backpack 20L

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Keep it cool with this 20L Insulated Cooler Backpack! A camping and festival necessity, this waterproof backpack with roll-top closure keeps all your drinks cool in the summer sun. This backpack cooler features adjustable, padded straps to keep you comfortable and hands-free while toting all the cans. Easily wipe the cooler interior clean after a long day of drinking, getting too dirty day hiking, or post-swim wet clothes storage. 

These are nice! The images just don't do them justice!

Leakproof interior
Adjustable and padded straps to keep you comfortable and hands-free
Stays hot or cool for up to 3 hours

 Bag Size: 42.8cm W x 46.6cm H x 14.6cm D


The quality and the style. When you unpack one of these gifts, you will know what we mean. Gentlemen's Hardware crafts superior, durable and responsibly sourced goods for life's adventures. And they have nailed it. This range makes perfect gifts, for yourself or somebody else!

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