Natural Smoke Mixed Bag 2kg

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Perfect for beginners or those looking to experiment. You can choose up to 5 different smoking wood types. We will Colour code them using food coloring so you know which is which.

You can choose less if you like, just means you get more of your selection.

These are 2 kg bags are its estimated you will get approximately 20 cooks per bag *pending what you are smoking.


Natural smoke is a family business (just like us!!) that have a lot of passion and a big focus on bringing high quality smoking wood to the Australian BBQ community. They collect, process and package our wood on our small property about an hour south of Adelaide, near the small township of Myponga, with help from family and friends. They have no official employees, but work on their business after hours and on weekends, around their day jobs and family commitments. On weekends you’ll generally find them in the shed, cutting, splitting and bagging wood, or sharing their own BBQ with family and friends (using Natural Smoke wood of course!)

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