Natures Botanical Creme

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A premium natural insect repellant creme  featuring Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils. This awesome creme from Natures Botanical effectively repels march flies, ticks and ants, along with the age old pests, flies, mosquitoes, midges and sandflies. 

Most importantly, it contains no DEET, Picaridin or other harsh synthetic chemicals. 

The creme is white, in an olive oil base, so is thicker than a lotion and comes in a tub.


 Due to its essential oils, the crème has a pleasant aromatic odour

  • It has a nourishing consistency when you apply it, and is particularly good for those with dry skin

  • As it tends to get applied more thickly it probably requires less applications than the lotion
  • It’s economical as it goes a long way and lasts a long time
  • As it has an olive oil base it is slightly water resistant so good when one perspires heavily from the brow or is outdoors around water
  • When the Crème is rubbed into the skin it is slightly tacky to begin and then becomes transparent and leaves no oily residue

Safe Ingredients: 
Rosemary & Cedarwood Essential Oils are regarded as safe for skin application by regulators such as the EPA and much safer/beneficial than chemicals such as DEET & Picaridin.

First-time users should undertake patch tests to ensure there is no adverse reaction.


 Whilst we love being outside, the mozzies are practically carrying us away. Rather than applying a slather of chemical, we were keen to try this when the reviews were so good. 

Its a winner on so many fronts. Natural. Australian made. Australian small business. Suitable humans, dogs and horses. Great innovation and solves one of our biggest outdoor dilemmas! 

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