Natures Botanical Roll On Lotion

Size: 50ml Roll-on Lotion
Sale price$13.15


The Nature’s Botanical natural insect repellant lotion is made with a vegetable based emulsifier, making it substantially thinner than the crème. Because of its less viscous consistency, it makes for a perfect roll-on application or a spray solution. Like the crème, it also gives off a pleasing aroma, thanks to the Rosemary and Cedarwood essential oils.

  • Handy size to carry around in hand luggage on a flight, backpack, glove box, hand bag, sports bags, back pocket (particularly popular with men).
  • Easy to use (great for kids to use, although you will need to check they have covered all exposed skin for biting insects.)
  • Popular with fisherman as their hands do not have to touch it therefore not interfering with baiting their hooks.

The lotion is white and in a vegetable emulsifier so substantially thinner than the Crème so that it may work well within the spray and roll-on applications.
It has a very pleasant aroma, is nourishing to the skin and leaves no oily residue when rubbed in.

First-time users should undertake patch tests to ensure there is no adverse reaction.


 Whilst we love being outside, the mozzies are practically carrying us away. Rather than applying a slather of chemical, we were keen to try this when the reviews were so good. 

Its a winner on so many fronts. Natural. Australian made. Australian small business. Suitable humans, dogs and horses. Great innovation and solves one of our biggest outdoor dilemmas! 

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