Terra Kids - Block and Tackle

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Perfect for the tree house, high ceilings, even the bunk bed or whatever other use your little helper can think of, the HABA Terra Kids Block and Tackle kit is a whole lot of fun!

Kids will experience and understand basic physics while playing and can load up to 30kg to a height of 3m. Equipped with a 9m rope, 2 pulleys - one with a reverse eye - and 2 quick links, you can double your mechanical advantage for easy lifting of your precious objects. Awesome for little tinkerers, the kit can be disassembled and the parts used for other projects but is easily reassembled when needed.

Such a cool gift for those hands on kids!

Dimensions: 30.1cm x 23.4cm x 5.8cm

Age Range: 6 years +


Haba Toys are a German designed, premium quality brand of toys that have been inventing award winning toys for over 70 years. They are famous for making toys just that little bit more special. We love their range of 'hands-on' and practical outdoor toys that further encourage kids to get outside and explore. Perfect for adventuring! 

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