Terra Kids - Frisbee Set

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One of many toys in the Haba Terra Kids range which are designed to encourage a love of outdoor exploration and STEM curiosity, the Haba Frisbee Set encourages exercise too! Made from foam rubber, the soft material makes it easy for even small hands to grip, and the optimally balanced aero-dynamics provide long, even flights. Sold in a set of 3 so the whole family can enjoy them, simply flick your wrist and watch them spin off into the air! Who can throw the farthest?

Dimensions: 28.6cm x 23.3cm x 3cm

Age Range: 5 years +


Haba Toys are a German designed, premium quality brand of toys that have been inventing award winning toys for over 70 years. They are famous for making toys just that little bit more special. We love their range of 'hands-on' and practical outdoor toys that further encourage kids to get outside and explore. Perfect for adventuring! 

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