Valley Produce Co Plain Crackerthins

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Experience a slice of artisanal perfection with the VPC Crackerthins Plain 100g from the Valley Produce Company. These premium water crackers offer a tantalizing crispness and mild flavor profile that complement any gourmet spread. They're especially fantastic when paired with your choice of fine cheese and VPC's renowned fruit pyramids.

Savour the thin, delicate texture that strikes the perfect balance between lightness and crunch. Each bite into these crackerthins serves as a testament to the VPC's unwavering commitment to superior quality and innovation in culinary craft. Whether it's a casual snack or an addition to a sophisticated charcuterie board, these crackers are sure to elevate your snacking experience.

They will pair perfectly with our range of dips from Fresh Fodder!

Contains WHEAT and MILK products from cheese.

Made in a factory that manufactures products containing SESAME SEEDS, MILK products and TREE NUTS.

Made in Australia

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