Fire under the stars

Who doesn’t love it. Even when it is your paddock. Whether its two metres or 50 metres from your house. Who cares! Sitting around the fire or fire pit is accessible to everyone in some shape or form.

There’s nothing like the absolute feeling of ‘outdoors’ to bring you back to earth literally, and let go of all the problems that are so easy to focus on when indoors, or removed from the basics of Mother Nature. It may even draw a few neighbours out to join you.

Here is a recipe guaranteed to fix overwhelm.

Contents are as follows:

A campfire (a decent one, but failing the space for a decent night log, this beauty will do the trick)

Camping chairs that are comfy for lounging in (we can help here if you need to sort yourself)

A beverage of your choice (hot or cold, this is the one for you)

A clear night for optimum star gazing

Solitude or the company of someone who can be quiet when necessary!

No music necessary

Perhaps a rug for snuggling or a beany and vest to keep the chill at bay (May we recommend…)


Sit quietly and observe with gratitude (or give thanks, whichever you prefer)

Find five things in your environment to stop and wonder at (find something to be in awe about)

Find five sounds that you don’t usually notice

Most importantly, take a few big deep breaths and smile. 

To help set the tone, we’ve got some useful stuff you will LOVE…especially this cordless USB charger which in turn runs this magical little lantern. Thank us later by sending #conroncampfirechallenge

As always, we encourage you to buy responsibly and sustainably – make it good quality and look for things that will last. Let’s keep the crap out of landfill.

x Rachel

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