Preparing for Christmas

Let’s be clear – I, like many, have grand intentions of being organised every year when it comes to Christmas shopping. But it may creep into a last-minute dash in the final days before Christmas Eve!

I set myself a very firm guideline, that no matter how late in the piece I am still looking for an elusive gift, I will not forget what gift giving is about. That and the fact that the longer I leave it, the better chance I have of missing out – especially in the bush!

Soph and I have compiled our top ten tips for an organised but wholesome Christmas shopping experience.

  1. In keeping with the spirit, it’s about the giving, not so much the gift. But if you set your standards high in terms of what you want to gift, make sure you get in early to secure your purchase! Last minute is stressful, both for you and the small business that just cannot get any more of that stock you were looking for.

  2. If you are looking for somewhere to hide your presents, ask around. The store you are buying from, or extended family, may be able to stash your purchases safely for the coming weeks of snooping!

  1. Start early. Don’t fall into the trap of starting strong and then forgetting whilst the end of year activities and demands kick into overdrive.

  2. Store gift wrapping is an easy win. However, if you are going for colour coordination under your tree, make sure you have a good supply of your chosen colours for your wrapping! You will always need more sticky tape than you have allowed for. Buy more sticky tape.

  3. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “I will remember that is for such and such” and “I’ll do it later”. No. You won’t remember. Put the tags or sticker labels on as soon as it is wrapped. Saves you berating yourself later!

  4. Secret Santa is a lifesaver! If you are spending Christmas with lots of family and friends why not consider doing Secret Santa so you are only buying for one person? This way you can purchase one really good gift instead of lots of presents. Oh, and set a price limit.

  5. Shop local. As a small business we can tell you firsthand the smile it’s put on our face when our customers shop locally. Your support means a lot to us and your local small business community overall. Plus, you don’t have to travel far!

  1. Shopping online definitely has it perks but keep in mind how busy the post gets this time of year. Try and be organised and remember shipping can take a little longer than usual.

  1. This will be good for next year but consider starting a list that is dedicated to gift ideas. Do it as a note on your phone or keep a hard copy in your handbag or in your top drawer of your bedside table. If you hear something mentioned in a conversation, write it down. If a hint is dropped, write it down. If you see something early in the year and you think it will make a great gift, write it down. It takes a little bit of remembering but you will get into the habit and thank yourself for it later!

  1. It’s about joy, so savour it. Yes, it’s called the silly season for a reason but it’s nice to stop and recognise the year that’s been and recognise what you have. Take a moment to look around. Share in the excitement with the kids, pop open the bubbles, buy the prawns, turn the sprinkler on in the backyard, look at the Christmas lights, put up with the carols, make the phone call, write the cards and have a Merry Christmas.

 Rachel x 

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