What My Dad Means To Me - By Sophie

This is my Dad, Grant.

You might know him as a Sydney Roosters tragic, the local livestock carrier and all-round good bloke.

He is all those things but to me, Dad is also my mechanic, handyman, removalist, and go-to man for advice. Put simply, he is my world.

 Grant and Sophie The Conron Store Grenfell

Sophie and Grant circa 1996

Dad is selfless, loyal, kind, intelligent and funny. He has an incredible memory and a work ethic like no other.

He filled mine and my brother Ben’s childhood with everything a kid could want. Motorbikes, kelpies, dampers in the camp oven, catching yabbies and school holidays spent on the road exploring the countryside in the truck.

Despite being away a lot Dad is always there for us. Whether it’s on the other end of the phone when he is hundreds of kilometers away, at the kitchen table with a cuppa early in the morning or leaning up against the side of the ute with a cold beer after a long day’s work. He is there.

Sometimes it’s for a hug, but his hugs make us feel safe. Sometimes we only need him to listen, so he does. Sometimes we need support or a bit of tough love (whether we like it or not) and he delivers. Sometimes we need words of wisdom, so he gives us a golden piece of advice. One bit of advice I‘ve had written in my notebook for eight years – it’s that good!

Gentlemans Hardware BBQ Apron with Grant At the Conron Store

(Grant in the store - dropping hints for the BBQ Apron with bottle opener!) 

Dad and I share the same sense of humor, love for good music, interest in history and classic cars, and the joy for the simple things in the life. Grinning at the same joke, smiling when the Eagles come on the radio or passing an older model car on the highway, cooking French toast on Sunday mornings and taking the dogs for a swim at Company’s Dam are just some of the special moments we share.

I have learnt so much from Dad and admire him for what he does and who he is.

So Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I’m grateful your mine.

Sophie x 

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